Welcome Wedding Season!

Published on 3 June 2024 at 14:56

As an assistant innkeeper, one of my favorite things about wedding season at the Agora Grand Event Center is accommodating wedding parties who stay at the inn. The convenience of being able to stay at the inn and get ready for the wedding right next door to the venue removes a lot of pressure on a positively stressful day. Granted, people getting married next door don’t always rent the inn as well, but when they do, it’s a lot of fun from my view. Typically, on the day of a wedding, the happy couple will have a steady stream of friends, family, and professionals – from planners to stylists and photographers. From the perspective of guest services, our job is to make sure our guests have everything they need to make their day seamless.


Laughter fills our common spaces as everyone prepares for the events of the day… especially if the pre-game libations start flowing! Bridal parties might be sitting in our parlor or a suite getting hair and makeup done, a local florist might deliver fresh bouquets, a photographer may be setting up for beautiful pictures in our courtyard or by the flowering tree in the front yard – the perfect backdrops! We make sure our guest pantry is stocked, and we are available to answer questions, fulfill requests, offer amenities, and direct people to the right places.


One of my favorite things is seeing people reunite for a wedding – some after many years. It’s not unusual to hear, “I haven’t seen you since you were this big!”  You find people reminiscing and everyone is just so hopeful and happy for the newlyweds. Our wrap-around porch is the perfect space for informal gathering and enjoying a nice breeze while catching up with old friends and family members. We aim to create a welcoming and well-thought-out experience for the guests so they can tend to the important business of their day. We try to be very thoughtful about all the extra touches our guests might enjoy in our suites and common areas, so even if our guests forget to pack an item, like a toothbrush or a razor, we’ve got them covered. The little things can make an important difference on the big day!


During the build-up to the time for the ceremony, as loved ones arrive, excitement and anticipation grows. It might seem like a bit of a whirlwind as people shuffle in to get ready. Interestingly, I can always tell around what time a wedding will begin because a quiet falls over the inn as the guests put the finishing touches on their final looks. I think people experience a mixture of elation and perhaps nerves as they gather at the front door of the inn to make their way to the Agora Grand for the ceremony and reception. There’s always something magical that happens when a bride-to-be emerges in her gown and all eyes turn to take in the precious moment. For me, it’s always heartening watching them exit the inn and step into the next chapter of their lives. By taking the time to make sure staff and amenities are accessible, the guests can focus all their energy on their special day.


Back at the inn, while the nuptials are taking place, it’s all about making our common spaces look like nothing ever happened. We take great pride in maintaining a cozy and clean space, where everything our guests need is at their fingertips. When the reception ends and the joyous and exhausted guests return to the inn, they enter a tidy and cozy space that invites relaxation at the end of a busy day. Wedding parties that rent the inn often remark that the courtyard offers a perfect setting to enjoy a bonfire and unwinding with good company.


Whether you’re tying the knot or not, the Inn at the Agora is here to make sure you feel at home and have all you need to make your stay memorable. In fact, the inn can host small gatherings and events in our parlor. Parties at the inn can include essential oil workshops, make-your-own blends classes, and more. Billie, the owner/innkeeper is happy to share her knowledge of essential oils, benefits, effects, and more.  If you have different ideas about a get-together, give us a call and we can help you design something unique! For more information, check out our Inn at the Agora Gift Shop page.

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