Hot Off the Panini Presses! Spotlight on Lewiston’s Culinary Future

Published on 20 May 2024 at 15:13

Spotlight on Lewiston’s Culinary Future: Food Point and Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop


Lewiston’s culinary future just got more flavorful! Lewiston has a dynamic dining scene, with something to please every palette. We have the staple establishments that have stood the test of time, like Simone’s, Val’s Drive-In, or the Italian Bakery. In fact, there are several restaurants in Lewiston that have deep roots here. There’s a reason they have enjoyed serving people for generations; the dining experience and the food keep people returning. I should know, I’m one of them. Today, though, I want to bring attention to the newest candidates vying for your satiety, and they are all the buzz around town.  


Lewiston, Maine, is on the brink of a culinary transformation with the arrival of two new and exciting dining establishments set to open in 2024. "Food Point," a Brazilian steakhouse, will bring a taste of South America to Main Street, while "Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop" will offer an authentic Italian deli experience in a historic space at 5 Park Street. Here’s a closer look at what these restaurants will bring to Lewiston's food scene.


Food Point: A Brazilian Culinary Experience on Main Street

The Concept and Vision

Food Point is the brainchild of Rita Ferreira, an entrepreneur originally from Angola with a rich background in the culinary industry. Her vision is to introduce Lewiston to the vibrant and flavorful world of Brazilian cuisine, specifically the churrascaria style, which is a traditional Brazilian steakhouse known for its rodízio service. In this dining style, servers move around the restaurant with skewers of various types of meat, slicing portions onto diners' plates upon request.


The Dining Experience

Located at 413 Main Street, the former site of Yvette’s Cocina, Food Point will feature an inviting atmosphere with two dining rooms and seating for 50 guests​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​. The centerpiece of the dining experience will be the open grill where guests can watch the chefs expertly prepare and grill the meats. This setting aims to create an engaging and lively dining environment.


Menu Highlights

The menu at Food Point will boast a wide variety of meats such as picanha (top sirloin), fraldinha (flank steak), and linguiça (Brazilian sausage), all grilled to perfection and seasoned with traditional Brazilian spices. Alongside these meats, diners will find a well-stocked salad bar offering fresh vegetables, cheeses, and traditional Brazilian sides like farofa (toasted cassava flour) and pão de queijo (cheese bread).


Desserts will include Brazilian classics like brigadeiros (chocolate truffles) and pudim (caramel flan), ensuring a sweet ending to the meal.


Community and Cultural Engagement

Rita Ferreira is not only focused on delivering delicious food but also on creating a cultural hub for the community. Food Point plans to host various cultural events, including live Brazilian music, dance performances, and cooking classes. These events will foster a deeper appreciation of Brazilian culture and create a vibrant community space​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop: A Taste of Italy at 5 Park Street

The Concept and Inspiration

Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop is set to bring authentic Italian flavors to Lewiston. The deli is inspired by owner Anthony Mancini’s Italian heritage and his passion for traditional Italian cuisine. With a focus on artisanal ingredients and handcrafted sandwiches, Mancini’s aims to create a neighborhood spot where people can enjoy quality Italian food in a casual setting.


Transforming a Historic Space

The deli will be located at 5 Park Street, a space that previously housed a gallery. This historic location will be transformed into a cozy and inviting deli with rustic decor, including wooden shelves lined with Italian products, an extensive deli counter, and comfortable seating. The atmosphere will blend the old-world charm of an Italian deli with modern touches to create a unique dining environment​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


The Menu: Artisanal Italian Delights

Mancini’s will offer a variety of sandwiches made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Signature sandwiches will include:


The Caprese: Featuring fresh mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze on ciabatta bread.

The Sicilian: A hearty combination of prosciutto, salami, provolone, roasted red peppers, and arugula on a crusty baguette.

The Parma: A delightful mix of Parma ham, aged Parmesan cheese, arugula, and fig jam on focaccia.

In addition to sandwiches, the deli will serve antipasti such as marinated olives, stuffed peppers, and caponata. Fresh salads like Caesar and panzanella will also be on the menu. Customers will have the option to purchase Italian groceries and specialty products, including olive oils, balsamic vinegars, artisanal pastas, and wines​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


Community-Oriented Initiatives

Anthony Mancini plans to make his deli a community gathering place, hosting events such as wine and cheese tastings, cooking classes, and guest chef appearances. Mancini’s will also offer catering services for local events, providing an authentic Italian touch to celebrations in Lewiston​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


The Anticipated Impact on Lewiston’s Culinary Scene

The introduction of Food Point and Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop is set to significantly enrich Lewiston’s culinary landscape. These new restaurants will not only offer diverse dining options but also promote cultural engagement and community building.


Enhancing the Dining Experience

Food Point’s Brazilian rodízio dining will offer a unique and immersive experience, setting a new standard for dining in Lewiston. The continuous service of expertly grilled meats and the lively, interactive environment will make Food Point a standout destination. Meanwhile, Mancini’s emphasis on high-quality, artisanal ingredients and traditional Italian recipes will attract food enthusiasts looking for authentic and flavorful meals.


Supporting Local Economy and Community

Both Food Point and Mancini’s are committed to supporting local farmers and suppliers, ensuring that their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. This approach not only enhances the quality of the food but also strengthens the connection between the restaurants and the local community. Additionally, the cultural events and community-oriented initiatives planned by both establishments will foster a sense of belonging and pride among residents​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


Job Creation and Training Opportunities

The opening of these restaurants will create numerous job opportunities in Lewiston, from chefs and kitchen staff to servers and managers. Moreover, the focus on cultural and culinary education at Food Point and the artisanal approach at Mancini’s will provide valuable training and skill development for employees, contributing to the overall growth of Lewiston’s hospitality industry.


Promoting Cultural Diversity

Food Point’s celebration of Brazilian cuisine and culture, along with Mancini’s homage to Italian culinary traditions, will promote cultural diversity in Lewiston. These restaurants will offer residents the opportunity to explore and appreciate different culinary traditions, fostering greater cultural understanding and appreciation within the community​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


A Look Ahead: What to Expect in 2024

As Lewiston prepares to welcome Food Point and Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop, anticipation is building for the unique dining experiences these establishments will bring. Here’s what residents and visitors can look forward to in 2024:


Food Point: Grand Opening and Beyond

Opening Day Festivities: Food Point plans to celebrate its grand opening with a vibrant event featuring live Brazilian music, dance performances, and a special tasting menu. This event will introduce the community to the restaurant’s offerings and set the tone for the dining experience to come.

Seasonal Menus: Rita Ferreira plans to introduce seasonal menus that highlight the best of Brazilian cuisine throughout the year. From summer barbecues to holiday feasts, diners can expect a dynamic and evolving menu.

Cooking Classes and Workshops: Food Point will offer cooking classes and workshops led by Rita, providing a hands-on opportunity for residents to learn about Brazilian cooking techniques and ingredients​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.

Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop: A New Neighborhood Favorite

Opening Day Celebration: Mancini’s will host a grand opening event featuring free samples of their signature sandwiches, antipasti, and Italian sodas. Anthony Mancini will be on hand to greet customers and share his vision for the deli.

Wine and Cheese Tastings: Regular wine and cheese tasting events will allow customers to explore the diverse flavors of Italy. These events will feature carefully curated pairings and educational insights from Anthony and guest experts.

Cooking Classes and Workshops: Mancini’s will offer cooking classes and workshops, teaching customers how to prepare traditional Italian dishes using high-quality ingredients. These classes will provide a fun and educational experience for food enthusiasts​ (102.9 WBLM)​​ (Portland Food Map)​.


The arrival of Food Point and Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop marks an exciting development for Lewiston’s culinary scene. These new restaurants will not only offer delicious and diverse dining options but also foster a sense of community and cultural appreciation. Lewiston residents and visitors alike can look forward to a richer, more vibrant dining experience in 2024. Whether you're a fan of succulent grilled meats or handcrafted Italian sandwiches, Food Point and Mancini’s Italian Micro-Deli and Sandwich Shop are sure to become beloved fixtures in the heart of Lewiston.

We are excited for these new establishments to add their unique dishes to Lewiston’s menu repertoire. Now that your mouths are watering, stay tuned for future updates on each grand opening. Make your next stay with us a foodie tour and be some of the first travelers to sample Lewiston’s newest culinary additions. You’ll enjoy filling your bellies with local cuisine and once you are full and ready to turn in, we look forward to providing cozy accommodations and treating you to a restful night. Be our guest, won’t you?

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