Aroma the Unicorn Children's Book


Your child will love the story of Aroma the Unicorn and her funny horn.

Instead of making pretty clouds, Aroma's horn makes a funny sound. 

Will Aroma the Unicorn learn how to make pretty clouds with her horn?


The beautiful illustrations, rhythm, rhyme, and repetition of Aroma the Unicorn will keep your child engaged while learning about their sense of smell and taking deep breaths to calm big emotions. 

With themes of kindness, friendship, and perseverance, there's nothing not to love about this book!


Written by Katie Veldkamp

Illustrated by Darliana Ei

How to Use This Book

You use this book to help teach your child emotional resilience.

This book is a great way to introduce your child to deep breathing and how different smells can impact their emotions. 

Here are just some of the ways you can use this book with your child.

  • Simply enjoy the fun story.
  • Practice deep breathing along with Aroma.
  • Discuss how the different smells make Aroma feel.
  • Create a plan with your child how they can use smells to help calm emotions.