Love Lewiston Day: 11/3/2023

Published on 3 November 2023 at 16:50

It is with a heavy, and yet a hopeful heart that I write this post. On October 25, our city suffered a mass shooting that continues to impact everyday life as we navigate the downstream effects of this tragedy. The shootings happened at two locations, a restaurant and billiard hall as well as a bowling alley hosting a kids' league. As the world carries on, we are still wrapping our minds around what just happened and how we are to move forward.  As our community begins the work of healing, the mayor has proclaimed today, 11/3/23, "Love Lewiston Day". Community organizations are showing solidarity and encouraging people to do the same, by displaying a blue heart and/or donating to help victims' families. 


Follow this link to read a local news story about Love Lewiston Day


In the spirit of unity and healing, I offer this poem with heartfelt sympathy:

Lewiston Strong


In Lewiston, Maine, on a night so still,

Where families gathered for joy and thrill,

A family restaurant and billiard hall,

And kids in the lanes, having a ball.


But on that eve, darkness did intrude,

A tragedy struck, a somber mood,

Lives were taken, innocence lost,

In the face of despair, a heavy cost.


Confusion remains, perhaps always will,

How could this happen? Our feeling is ill.

So many people reached out with concerns,

Predicting this outcome that no one deserved.


This is a hard truth we must learn from now,

Life is so fragile, and we must endow,

The next generation with confidence,

They can dine or play games without consequence.


The phoenix rises from embers' glow,

As the community comes together to show,

In unity, they find their might,

With courage and love, they'll mend the night.


With broken hearts, they'll forge a way,

To find the light, to greet the day,

Lewiston Strong, a resounding cry,

In the face of adversity, their courage flies high.


So, hand in hand, they'll heal and mend,

Lifting each other, on love they'll depend,

No longer in fear, but hope they'll find,

In the strength of togetherness, the ties that bind.




If you are interested in donating to victims' families or finding resources, please visit, a vetted site.


A special thank you to first responders, hospital personnel, officers, mental health and crisis workers, and all those who have provided community and family support during this difficult time, from the innkeepers' family and the staff here at the Inn at the Agora.


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