A Tale of Twin Cities and One Sweet Kitty

Published on 1 August 2023 at 16:49

This is the story of one little kitty,

Who came to our inn in the bustling city.

He’s just the sweetest boy you’ll meet:

Loving, calm, and at your feet.

He’s been around a month or two,

And all he wants is love from you!

It started out with just a snack,

And then he just kept coming back!

He must have heard that we love pets -

He’s always sneaking in with guests.

We pick him up and bring him out,

Persistent cat, without a doubt.

An unexpected gentle friend,

Our moods are on an upward trend.

He plays outside and cuddles up

with Bailey Bear, our live-in pup.

She even searches for him now –

She’ll go outside and look around.

And if she doesn’t see him there,

She knows that when there’s time to spare,

He’ll be back once again,

Imploring us to let him in.

We’ve come to think this cat’s the best,

But he can’t stay here as our guest.

Staff and visitors agree,

He needs a loving home, indeed.

Steady efforts have been made,

But adoption plans are not yet laid.

Who will take this good boy home?

We hope he won’t be left to roam!

He gets along with everyone.

Even the dog thinks he is fun.

If you’ve got a formal prom,

He knows just when to “photo bomb”.

He’s black and white, just like a tux.

(His formal wear is much more luxe.)

He’s never shy about his angle --

Figure eights around your ankles,

Looking up so hopefully,

That he will find a family.

Then it happened, one sweet day,

A lovely couple came our way.

They took one look,

Said, “Look at YOU!

I think we’ll name you Agora Lew!”

They left us word that they would try

To make an adoption for this little guy.

They wanted so to bring him home,

They wished that they could all have flown.

It hasn’t quite worked out just yet,

But he would make a “purrfect” pet.

He grows on us more every day,

As he’s no ordinary stray.

Lew is a pal unconditionally,

He accepts everyone, and additionally,

When he’s here just a little while

He manages to make us smile.

We all love Agora Lew.

Maybe you can love him, too!

Pull in, park, and step outside,

Lew might want to take a ride

So come on over, be our guest!

Take home Lew, he’ll be no pest.

Not so sure you need a cat?

Meet him once and he’ll fix that!

So here it is, our final plea:

A forever home for our Lewie.

He will show such gratitude,

When you save him, he’ll save you, too.

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