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Published on 26 April 2024 at 16:48

Who are our guests?


All are welcome at the Inn at the Agora. This is a safe space where all guests can enjoy the innkeeper's hospitality with a dash of humor and a deep knowledge of the area. We cater to guests who like a downtown vibe, as we are in the heart of Lewiston. The city’s initiatives are driving sustainable solutions for urban tourism, including accessibility, maintaining historical architecture, investing in green spaces, and developing affordable housing. Our guests enjoy staying at our boutique inn with its long and interesting history, and moreover, they feel comfortable surrounded by diverse populations often out and about enjoying the neighborhood. In this post, we will dive into who our guests are, what they are saying, and why they keep coming back!


College Students’ Parents/Families


Our repeat guests are often current or prospective college students’ families. Being less than a mile from Bates College, many guests come specifically for family weekends, graduations, or the renowned Bates Dance Festival. We build relationships and quite often become part of our guests' collegiate journeys for all four years, from move-in to graduation. Even former students stay with us during Bates Alumni Reunion Weekend. Lewiston offers multiple ways to get around, so if guests are interested in walking rather than driving or taking a cab to Bates, we can tell you the best route to take. Some people like to take the fastest walking route, which takes you through a densely populated part of the neighborhood that has apartment buildings and not much else to see, except locals hanging out and cutting up. Some people feel better walking a different way that takes a few minutes longer but is less populated. We provide options for whatever your preferences are! We encourage people to explore other colleges during their stay as well. Families of prospective students will use the inn as their home base when they explore Maine colleges. We even provide a discount on the third night of a stay if travelers are exploring Maine’s “big 3” (Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby Colleges).  


Business Travelers


Other guests that keep coming back include people traveling for work. We are conveniently located just a few minutes’ drive from the highway and only about 40 mins to the Portland Jetport. We hear time and again that guests prefer staying with us because we treat people with warm hospitality and our cozy atmosphere and private courtyard invite the worries of the day to just melt away. Some of our business travelers work in construction, some in the medical field, others have stayed with us to attend conferences or seminars. They feel comfortable using the inn as their home away from home because the rooms are well-appointed, and the extra touches and amenities offer something special. The intimate setting allows guests to stay to themselves after a long day if they choose or have a nice chat with the innkeeper over a cup of tea.  We have free Wi-Fi for our guests, so people that have zoom meetings or webinars can rest assured they can accomplish their remote work at the inn.




Over the years, we have heard from countless guests who have stayed with us because they are from Lewiston and had cause to return to their old stomping grounds. We love hearing from guests who remember going to mass at St Patrick’s Church before it became the Agora Grand Event Center. We hear stories from people who attended the St Patrick Parochial School, also known as Wallace Grammar School, now a nutrition center across the street from the inn. Though it is a historical site, it still serves this community by providing people in need with free healthy food and nutrition education. A guest recently was reminiscing about the former convent, next door to the nutrition center, which is now a nonprofit organization. He commented on how nice it is to see the old building still standing and hoped it would continue to be a place that “missions” to the community. The innkeeper is happy to arrange a tour of the Agora Grand Event Center for inn guests if there is time available. The Agora Grand lives up to its name; from the scale of the exterior to the impressive interior of the former church, the sight may just take your breath away -- for newcomers to Lewiston and former parishioners alike, it is awe-inspiring.


Pet Parents


Woof! We love our furry guests! As a matter of fact, our greeter is a pup named Bailey Bear. She's the sweetest little greeter. Even if you aren't a dog person, she will melt your heart with lovability. If she is in the office when people check in, she will quietly stand up on her hind legs and place her paws on the check-in counter to greet guests. Two of our rooms are pet-free for guests who may have allergies, but three rooms are available that can accommodate a pet. Guests always tell us how they love being able to travel and find accommodations that are pet friendly. Another thing we consistently hear is what a nice surprise it is when they check into their rooms and find welcome items for their pets! 


Bottom Line


Whether you were born and raised in the area or have never been to Maine, the Inn at the Agora is a place where history meets present and paves the way for the future. If you love immersing yourself in history while enjoying city life with all its idiosyncrasies, if you like dining out and sleeping in, if there’s a college hopeful in your family, maybe you, too, will join our growing list of repeat guests. Come stay with us and you will soon see what all the buzz is about. As always, we invite you to be our guest and make yourself at home! 


What our guests tell us


We love getting feedback and our reviews and ratings are a testament to the top-notch hospitality our guests receive. We are one of the highest rated hotels in the Lewiston/Auburn area. Read our reviews online and see what people truly think of the neighborhood, the city, and the experience at the inn.  You can find our reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, and a variety of online travel sites. You'll soon see that we take pride in thoughtful accommodations that ensure a restful stay for our guests. Below, you can read some comments guests have left in our guestbook!

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