Dry Humor for Wet Weather

Published on 20 March 2023 at 16:47

Today, like all the other days in the last couple of weeks, I watched guests hurrying in to get out of the rain. When they go out, you get the sense that they are bracing for a brisk walk, a bad hair day, and water in the shoes. Luckily one perk of being a guest at the inn is the use of our large umbrellas for such “precipitous” occasions. Still, I always hope that there isn’t a need for their use. Let’s get real, though, this is New England, and if you’ve got outdoor plans, sometimes our fronts affront.


I remember when I was a kid, just wanting to play outside when the rain had other plans for my day. I’d chant, “Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!” It never seemed to work then, and guess what? It still doesn’t. Here we are in mid-June, and it’s been umbrella weather for weeks. I just looked at the forecast to see when the much-anticipated end-date to this extended soak would be. There is only one mostly sunny day predicted in the next month. Joy. 


One thing about New England weather is the inconsistency we have come to know and love. As they say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” Ok, but this has been a two-week-long 5 minutes and it looks like it could be a month before these 5 minutes is up! I will say that rain is good, generally speaking; it helps things grow and it washes my car, so that’s all nice. However, mud season is supposed to be over, and it appears the Maine weather service didn’t get the memo – they’re still letting it rain. 


Cold and rainy or humid and rainy; that is the question. Trying to choose the proper attire for a washed-out June is like taking a multiple-choice test where every answer “D, all of the above.” We’ve learned to keep the layered look in style. Sandals, boots, or sneakers? Yes. Windbreaker, t-shirt, or sweatshirt? Yes. Shorts or pants? Yes. It isn’t unusual to settle on a sweatshirt, a pair of shorts, and some socks with crocs. If you stay at the inn and see what appears to be some weather-confused attire, it may be indicative that the outfit just survived the last 5 minutes of weather and is anticipating the next 5 minutes of the day. 


My grandmother used to ask me, “Did you order all this rain?” I didn’t think I could actually order it, like a hamburger or something. Now that I am much older and have a different perspective, a wiser, more adult one. Now I know for sure it was ordered and it’s still being shipped here daily. No other way it came in bulk like this. All I can picture is some 5-year-old online ordering $1,000.00 worth of bubblegum from Amazon using mommy’s tablet and repeatedly hitting the 1-click buying button. Who ordered all this rain? Someone take that tablet away from that kid! But I digress…


I suppose there are positive things about the open faucet that is the sky. Let’s see… No, really, I know there’s something, gimme a sec. OH! Wait, I got it! I bless the rain for washing away the blasted pollen! Rain is like the pollen police. I cannot be mad at that, and neither can anyone with summertime allergies. It’s like waking up to see a fresh blanket of snow in the winter, except this time of year you wake up to a fresh blanket of yellow pollen, just waiting to greet you with beautiful flowers and histamines. See? We need this rain to give our runny noses a break. 


It's a perfect time for all those allergy sufferers out there to book with us at the inn! If you’ve got intolerable allergies and your itchy eyes and runny nose are pleading for relief, why not give them a break and let the weather work for you? Time to treat yourself to a nice relaxing cup of complimentary tea on our covered wrap-around porch. Unwind and as the rain showers renew the earth and allow yourself to enjoy this retreat. You may just find that you, too, will leave feeling renewed.

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