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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Here it is Cinco de Mayo (just saying it makes me feel warm and toasty) and our part of the country is still waiting for real consistent heat! It's been a long cold winter and everyone is eagerly anticipating summer. That's not to say we haven't been teased with a few days bordering on hot here in central Maine but they disappear as quickly as they appear, leaving us wanting more!

The next week in Lewiston-Auburn is predicting rain every day, chilly temps and, happily, lots of flowers and grass growing. Before you know it our little boutique hotel's front porch will be boasting plant pots filled with colorful flowers and comfy furniture to lounge on. Our guests have been known to have their first cup of coffee while watching the children and moms heading for playtime in Kennedy Park across the street or, better yet, sipping on a glass a port or sherry as the sun goes down in the evening. It's idyllic...when the weather is warm!

For the time being, however, rest assured the Inn at the Agora "B&B" (bed at the Inn and breakfast a pleasant walk away) will keep you snug and warm. Enjoy your morning coffee or evening port in the parlor by the fire . . . and make yourself truly at home.

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